Sweet Dreams

19 Oct

I’m back today with another room inspiration board. For our bedroom, I think a calming blue and tan scheme is just pure bliss! There is just something about these colors that make me think sweet dreams and peaceful sleep. Best part of this whole plan? The most expensive thing on this list is the comforter set ($100 bucks). In fact, everything you see would come in at around $302 . I definitely see this bedroom in my future!


Spooktacular Deals

5 Oct

I know, a cheesy title. I couldn’t help my self =) 

We are gearing up for Halloween around the Cheshire household. Yesterday, I went to the  99 cent store to check out what goodies they had. I was pleasantly surprised. Here are a couple of adorable things I picked up. Not bad for $.99. I also got a candy bowl, a black skull, a mini gravestone, spider webs, and hanging bat and pumpkins decorations. I can’t wait to find a spot for everything. We are not going to do too much decorating  inside, but I plan to make the porch and walkway look good for all of our trick or treaters. I am not sure how the neighborhood kiddie traffic is, but I hope it is worth it.

Nooks & Crannies

30 Sep

We never eat at the dinner table. Why? Good question. I personally believe it is because our dining area is pretty blah.( Sorry about the horrible picture, but I took it at night and on my phone )

I just had an epiphany! Why not turn our small dining area into a breakfast nook? How cute would that be? I’ve found some inspirational pictures around the web and think this will work out perfectly in our small space.





This could be a very cheap and easy DIY project for us since my hubby is such a handy man ;).  We have this long bench type table that I was actually going to donate to the Goodwill  that could be used as a base . I am super excited about this idea! The first picture is probably the closest to how I imagine our’s will turn out.

I guess I better add this to the never-ending list of things to do. =D

Hello world!

29 Sep

I’ve decided to start this blog to keep everyone updated on our new home!  That’s right… on August 24th, 2010 Zack and I purchased our 1st home.  It’s 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 1400 sq ft with a pool. We are beyond thrilled! We have officially been moved in for a month now, and things are starting to come together nicely!

So far we have been to Home Depot about 7 times and I can honestly say I am over going there.  We have bought hundred’s of dollars worth of plants and landscaping items so far. Sadly, we have found out that our soil is “dead”. There is absolutely no organic matter in our soil . All of the plants we have bought have died, even though we have used fertilizer and tilled up the top layer of soil. Zack will be starting a project that will bring our soil  back to “life”. We are also going to start a garden and compost pile soon, so stay tuned for details about that. Our landscaping is the biggest challenge we will face, as it is really dead and ugly right now.

Another big project that we want to tackle starting in the new year is painting the outside of the house. Have you seen the pictures below? It is an eyesore! We haven’t decided on a color yet because we are still trying to find our decorating style, but we are leaning towards a blueish gray or a tan.

We have so many things that we plan on doing….too much for our 1st post.  For now, enjoy some pictures of the place before we moved in. =)

Dream Living Room

29 Sep

If I had it my way, this are the items I would choose to decorate our living room with.  Some of the things we already have like the floor lamp and the coffee table. We also have a cute brown, green, and cream rug that I couldn’t find a picture of but fits in perfectly!  What do you think?