19 Nov

Have you ever visited Ana-White.com? If not, you must go check it out. Ana provides plants to build your own furniture on the cheap. Most plans are modeled after pricey stores like Pottery Barn , West Elm, and Z Gallerie, but 90% cheaper.  There are a few things that I really want to build, but I am not sure if I can tackle them on my own. 

Laundry Basket Tower

How smart is this? We have a big problem with laundry laying all over the place because Zack prefers to through his clothes on the floor still, lol. This thing costs $10 bucks to make and I am pretty sure I can get him to throw is stuff in it.


I really love the clean and simple lines of this West Elm inspired desk. I could see myself working at this baby easily.

Rolling storage bench

I love this rolling storage bench. I see a mini mud room  setup in my future. At $50 bucks to build instead of the $900 that Pottery Barn version charges….yes please!

Storage Daybed

I love how much space this storage daybed saves. Pushed against a wall with a few pillows for back support and this  could double as a couch in our den while providing additional space for guests.

Well,  those are my fave ideas for now.  If only I could convince the hubby to help me because frankly I am afraid that I will cut my fingers off. =)


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